Energy Stone Meaning

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Stone Name Meaning
Turquoise Protection against harm, connection to the spirit world & success
Lapis lazuli Brings good luck & happy marriage and relieves stress
Sodalite Dispels fear and brings confidence & inner peace
Blue Lace Agate Helps in attracting a soulmate, Builds strong and positive relationships
Angelite Brings inner peace, Encourages forgiveness, Enhances telepathic communication
Amazonite AKA "Hope Stone", Promotes positive mindset & kindness
Aquamarine AKA "Water of the sea"
Protection for travelers upon water, Peace and serenity
Apatite Enhances group communication, Harmony of the mind and body
Aventurine Improves overall health, Relieves stress
Jade Longevity, Fortune & prosperity
Blood Stone Supports a healthy pregnancy and childbirth,
Treats blood problems
Citrine Success in business, Fortune, Increases valor & self esteem
Rutilated Quartz Assists in gaining the Midas touch, Improves intuition and sensibility
Tiger Eye Brings clear thinking & insight, Wealth & honor, A noble spirit
Jasper Courage, Faith, Self control, Connection to the earth
Rose Quartz AKA "Love stone", Beauty,
Inner peace
Rhodochrosite Means "An Ideal World", Increases sense of beauty , Enhances passionate love
Rhodonite Attracts love and good friendship, Helps balance mind, body and soul
Strawberry Quartz Helps balancing pure love, Beauty, Youthfulness
Peace Stone Promotes creativity, Healing, Relieves stress
Amethyst AKA "Meditaion stone", Promotes balance, Healing, Inner peace
Sugilite Healing, Spiritual awakening
Morganite Promotes abundance of the heart and prosperity of love, Brings a sense of joy and inner strength
Tourmaline Brown: Encourages stability and practicality

Pink & Red: Brings deep comforting love Energy

Yellow: Brings heightened intelligence and spiritual awareness

Green: Enhances healing and Cooperation of body & mind

Blue: Encourages love, Mercy, Justice and spritual growth

Black: Psychic Awareness, peace and balance, Protects against negativity
Fluorite AKA "Genius Stone", Harmoney of the mind and body
Sun Stone Increases self confidence, strength & vitality, Evokes leadership-like qualitites
Red Tiger Eye Promotes wealth and prosperity, Brings passion and strength
Carnelian Strengthen body & mind, Gives energy, Protects from bad vibrations
Garnet Brings success, Grace, Power and constancy to friendships
Smoky Quartz Good sleep, Fortitude,
Clears negative energy
Labradorite AKA "The stone of spiritual awakening", Helps achieving its goal
Onyx Helps releasing negative emotions, Success, Fortifies self-growth
Howlite AKA "Calming stone", Relieves stress, Eases an overactive mind, Encourages awakening and solemnity
Moon Stone Brings success in love, Eternal youth and good fortune
Agate Attracts strength and success, Protection against stress and energy depletion